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Refer-a-Friend Rewards



Are you a pet groomer, veterinarian, or pet service provide and want to earn a little extra money just for spread the word?


You can now earn $20 for each new client, friend, family member, or even neighbor that signs up for two full months!


That’s money you can earn regularly and use to supplement your own business, put towards our pet waste removal service, or treat your cat or dog to a fancy treat, new collar, or other exciting pet accessory.


And all for simply sharing our service with someone you know and having them sign up.


This is an opportunity to:


  • Expand your own service recommendations

  • Provide clients or friends with a trusted, reliable, and relevant service

  • Build a stronger community presence

  • Increase your networking opportunities

  • Strengthen your residual income


The most important thing to know is that you don’t even have to be one of our active customers. Simply by having someone recommend you and then completing two months of our service will net you $20—no questions asked.


Reach out now with any questions and we’ll be happy to help. We’re excited to reward you for your service and for being a valued partner!



*Note* Not eligible for signees in the same household. You’ll receive a check in the mail for $20 after new clients are billed for two consecutive months of service. Current clients will have the credit applied to their account.


Just be sure to provide the referrals before their first cleanup. Thanks!    



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